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Workplace/In-House Physiotherapy

What’s The Problem?

Staff having time off for healthcare appointments
Staff being inappropriately signed off work for weeks at a time
Staff unable to work their normal duties while on the NHS waiting list
Want to increase productivity and wellness within your team

How Can In House Physio Help?

No waiting lists | No travel time to appointments
No time off to see a GP | Ultrasound scans available on site
Massage therapy to reduce stress during lunch break

Workplace / In-House FAQs


Prices depend on how many days/hours you want us on site, and whether your staff have private healthcare. Please contact us for an individual quote.

What Is Workplace/In-House Physiotherapy?

We work with companies to bring physiotherapy and healthcare services to their place of work. We will arrange for a Chartered Occupational Physiotherapist to attend your workplace as often as you require to provide physiotherapy assessments and treatments, sports massage, acupuncture, shockwave therapy and diagnostic ultrasound scans.

What are the benefits of having an in-house Physiotherapist?

Physio Active Healthcare’s in-house physiotherapy service will make your workforce healthier, more productive, and consequently will save your company thousands of pounds each year. As they say, ‘time is money,’ and our in-house physiotherapy service enables rapid, immediate, effective care as soon as problems arise.

By making a small investment into your staffs wellbeing and having access to our in-house healthcare services, staff will no longer need to take time off work for unnecessary GP appointments. They will no longer be inappropriately signed off work, will no longer be placed on light duties for months at a time while on the NHS waiting list, and will have access to stress relieving sports massages which have been shown to increase afternoon productivity. We can even provide same day Diagnostic Ultrasound Scans, which the NHS currently have a 6 month waiting list for!

In addition, our Physiotherapists are qualified in providing fitness to work assessments, so we can tell you if an employee can return to work, and whether a phased return is needed… far better than them being signed off by a GP!

Do you provide a bespoke service?

Yes we do, all companies are different so we provide what best suits your company. There are some areas and services that we provide every single client:

• We’ll agree with your company a set number of hours/days per week that you wish us to be on-site. 

• When working on site we will need a small private room that our physiotherapist can solely use with patients while he/she is there. It could be a meeting room and doesn’t even have to be the same room each time. All of our equipment is portable and compact such that we take it with us when we finish. If you have offices with glass walls only, we can provide partitions.

• We communicate and liaise efficiently with company managers, Occupational Health departments, and HR and Health and Safety personnel.

• We provide detailed initial, interim and final reports on each employee that we assess and treat, always adhering to GDPR guidelines.

• We have all the required insurance to cover our work. 

What other options can we add to ensure the service suits our company needs?

We are always open to suggestions from companies as to what they feel would benefit their company, but here are some options we currently have in place:

• You can choose to have a Physiotherapist on-site permanently, or for a full day or a number of hours per week, including before work, during lunch hours, or after work. 

• Services – we can provide assessment and treatment to those who medically require it only, or can provide additional services such as massage to anyone who books in. Regular massage can be great for reducing stress and increasing productivity.  

• Services – We can provide a Physiotherapist that is qualified in Diagnostic Ultrasound and Shockwave Therapy. 

• Length of contract – This can vary from 3 months to 5 years. We ensure our contracts are flexible and suit your companies needs. 

• Bookings – You can decide whether your managers will book in employees for an appointment, if employees can book themselves in, or if we provide a ‘drop in clinic’ where employees can attend whenever the Physiotherapist is free without the need of an appointment. We have our own online booking system and can set you up a company profile.

• Booking times – Something that works well is that medical services such as Physiotherapy assessments can be booked during work hours, ‘non-essential’ services such as massage can only be booked during free time – lunch breaks and after work. 

• Ergonomic assessments – This is usually a separate service we provide but can be included within our in-house service if needed. 

• We can work closely with your managerial team providing quarterly reports, highlighting areas of injury risk, suggest ways in which even greater results in employee health and safety can be achieved and attend meetings.

Will We Have A Different Physiotherapist Each Time?

No, we will provide the same dedicated Physiotherapist to your company every time. What makes us different is that we want our Physio to embed themselves within your company and become part of the team. They will get to know your company culture, structure, operations, environment, employees and their job roles and expectations to enable them to provide the highest quality service and provide accurate fitness to work assessments.

All our Physiotherapists have occupational and industry-specific training and will expertly assess and treat all musculoskeletal disorders, and when needed provide return to work and rehabilitation programmes.

What If We Have An Employee Who Does Get Signed Off Work?

Having a Physiotherapist in house will mean that they will quickly gain an intimate knowledge of your company’s work demands and job roles. This means that they can devise accurate and efficient return to work programmes if absence is involved to get your company’s employees back to work quickly and safely. We will listen to what your company wants with regards to modified duties and make workplace recommendations and plan return to work programmes accordingly. Our Physiotherapists are qualified in providing fitness to work assessments, so we will get your staff back to work as soon a possible.

We will provide as many video call consultations that are needed with your employee until they are back to working normal hours and full duties.

What Payment Options Are There?

There are several payment options that usually depend on the size of your company and if you wish to fund the service yourself as a company, use a health insurance provider, or ask your staff to fund the service themselves.

If you provide your employees with health insurance:

Option 1 – We agree a day rate with your company and we bill each session provided to the insurance company. Providing our day rate is reached through charging the insurance company then your company will have nothing to pay. If there isn’t enough people booked in to reach our day rate through billing the insurance company, then you will be required to make up the rest of the payment.

Most of the time we can cover our costs through charging the insurance company, so as a company this will be the cheapest option for you.

If your employees do not have health insurance:

Option 1 – We agree a rate with your company and will fit as many clients in as possible during the time you want us to be at your work place.

Option 2 – We agree a monthly rate with your company and charge your staff individually. We can provide you with an invoice of services for each employee so you can deduct the cost from their wages at the end of the month. Providing the agreed monthly rate is reached, there will be no cost for your company.

Additional options – you may only choose to cover the cost of certain services such as Physiotherapy assessments and treatments, and your employees will need to fund other services such as massage themselves.


Ready To Book?

All appointments can be booked online, but if you’re unsure on what type of appointment you need please book a free phone/video call consultation with one of our clinicians who can discuss your needs & advise you

Contact Us

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